I was punk when punk wasn’t cool.
Part of a drawing series I did in the 80’s, now on a t-shirt.

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Pixel League

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It's not the size of the fangs, it's how you use them. Be fiercely creative. And when life hits you with a challenge, bite back. Hard.

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Mac Daddy

mac daddy: [mak dad-ee] noun. 1. fellow mac user, fan, or owner. a familiar term of address to a person who uses, owns or is a fan of the Macintosh (Apple) computers. 2. also known as mac meister, the king of the device users, owners, and possessor of the coolest of the cool.

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People ARE People

No matter your color, your parts, religious beliefs, or sexual preference. We are all people living in the same world. Stop the hate.

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Stand together. One Nation. One WORLD. One Love.

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Take it and make it.

Art is awesome. So is Carrie Fisher. And you.


Where's the buns? Summer is here! Condiments await!


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